When the Sacred Circle is Broken

Why don’t people don’t understand that teaching a child that the killing of an innocent creature is fun.. is entertainment.. or making these acts into signs of manly virtue is destructive of the compassionate spirit of the child? what does it do to that child’s innocent fascination with living creatures, when they are taught to consider it an acceptable entertainment to torture a frightened bull to death?

It is also destructive of the whole culture that normalizes it. It is a slippery slope: when societies start to teach children that animals are dumb mechanical creatures; that “nature” is be dominated, “tamed”, and controlled to our purpose, we will lay the groundwork for treating some people this way too.


One thought on “When the Sacred Circle is Broken

  1. Humans today cherry pick early ways & stories and myths of origins to justify today’s culture. You don’t hear this with stories that justify cannibalism, sex with children, etc. Too convenient to explain away harm.

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